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X11, Window Managers Over the past couple of months, and especially over the past couple of weeks, I've been working very hard to write and complete my thesis. I performed all the work on Windows 7, but now that the thesis is finally done, submitted, and accepted, I installed Ubuntu - and immediately I was reminded of why I do not do any serious work on Linux: the train wreck that is
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RE[2]: Wouldn't touch it.....
by richardstevenhack on Mon 17th Aug 2009 01:08 UTC in reply to "RE: Wouldn't touch it....."
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Now install OpenSUSE and reproduce your problem.

Bet not.

People need to stop thinking "Ubuntu" when they think Linux. Canonical software tries to be cutting edge AND user-friendly at the same time and fails at both. THIS is why you have bugs that drag down the whole system.

OpenSUSE can crash its desktop, too. I blame Firefox for that since it's always Firefox doing something when a crash occurs. And occasionally Kaffeine will crash itself over some video issue, with no effect on the desktop.

The rest of the time OpenSUSE is rock solid.

So try it instead of Ubuntu. I bet your problems go away.

There IS a difference in distros in terms of reliability.

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