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X11, Window Managers Over the past couple of months, and especially over the past couple of weeks, I've been working very hard to write and complete my thesis. I performed all the work on Windows 7, but now that the thesis is finally done, submitted, and accepted, I installed Ubuntu - and immediately I was reminded of why I do not do any serious work on Linux: the train wreck that is
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I haven't had X crash on me but one or two times. I'm not running Ubuntu, and I'm using XFCE. I will say, though, that the lags in it are a bit off-putting when I'm running a 2GHz Core 2 Duo (but I'll admit I haven't tried to find the source of the problem).

However, I went to Linux as my primary OS after XP hosed itself less than 6 months after I cleaned up its last self-petard-hoisting by wiping and reloading. I had had enough. The Vista installations I used had too many problems to coax me to pay for that change. Hopefully Windows 7 lives up to the promises that Vista didn't deliver (well, if I crank up the UAC slider ;) . I'm unwilling to pay the $200 to find out, but if I get a better deal, or get an opportunity to use it for awhile first, I may end up with it.

I will say this: every problem I've encountered in Linux, and wanted to fix, I have been able to, using either grep or Google. I've also never had to wipe and reload any of my Unix installations. I cannot say that about any version of Windows I've used. Windows may do some things "right", but it needs to be simplified. I fear Linux may be getting too complex for its own good as well, but it's not there quite yet (and it still mostly uses text files for its configuration).

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