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BeOS & Derivatives I had been following the mailing list for the Haiku project the past week with growing interest. The topic of discussion? Why, the alpha release, of course! What needs to be done, who needs to prepare what, and most importantly, what schedule are they going to settle on? Well, after numerous insightful back-and-forths, the community has settled on a schedule.
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I've been waiting for this type of news for years (we all have), but then I went to to start downloading some of my favorite apps ahead of time... ..and they're GONE! Not everything, but 90% of the links are 404... I don't know what could ever be done to get them back to the public since this software was from about ten years ago. It's kind of frustrating to think that the files weren't stored locally (links are to 'geocities' etc.) has been offline since 2006 - and they usually had reliable links. But most of the apps I've looked for are gone, unless people dig through their old 4-20GB drives (if they have them) and post them online.

So, perhaps we can put out an 'all-source/binaries' alert to recollect these missing pieces - as they are the key reasons to even produce a 'BeOS' they are the 'BeOS Software'! If you have these files, please contact or update their location - because without them there's not much 'Be' to Haiku...

...and I just remembered where I saved a whopping mass of original .zips, in a storage unit!

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