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Linux We already discussed David Finch, Dell's senior product marketing manager for Linux clients, last week. We missed, however, some more interesting statements by Finch; Dell is looking into the ARM-based netbook smartbook market, and close to a third of all of Dell's netbooks ship with Linux.
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I do not really get this
by midoriconcept on Mon 17th Aug 2009 16:45 UTC
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I really have some issues understanding the Dell's strategy on Linux.
First they say they support Linux, but on their web site (at least for the inspiron Mini 10v (linux and 8 gb SSD) costs 249 euros.
If I want a decent hard disk you need to pay 279 euros, with 160 gb, but only Windows... uhm..

Basically even if I want to buy a Dell with Linux I need to buy the smaller capacity. Or buy the Windows version and install linux.

This 30 euros of difference what are they? License or Harddisk?

Does not make any sense.

I think is not just dell, Also other manufactures do this.

I still need to find someone that does a proper offer.. Same specs, different operating system. . .

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