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BeOS & Derivatives I had been following the mailing list for the Haiku project the past week with growing interest. The topic of discussion? Why, the alpha release, of course! What needs to be done, who needs to prepare what, and most importantly, what schedule are they going to settle on? Well, after numerous insightful back-and-forths, the community has settled on a schedule.
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RE[6]: Good and bad
by WendelFree on Mon 17th Aug 2009 16:47 UTC in reply to "RE[5]: Good and bad"
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I have no problem with you saying it has problems [...]

Uh, ok. It sure sounds like it thought.

, what I have issues with you quite unambiguously making it sound as if the code as a whole sucks while only giving vague assertions with no substance to back that up, especially when your entire backing evidence is pretty much "It doesn't work on my machine". "I'm intimately familiar with NewOS" is utterly meaningless.

Not really. It means I know what I'm talking about (I do). To be clear: I have tried Haiku on two physical machines, along with VMWare. In VMWare with a two-cpu setup on my core2duo, the PCNetII driver locks up, and I know why (this is the patch I was talking about.) Generally, that driver is extremly badly written and serves as another example.

The code as a whole doesn't necessarily suck, but there are serious issues with the subsystems I have looked at regard security and stability. I can provide details why your TCP/IP stack is full of holes in both those camps (and I intend to submit this as PR's.)

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