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Linux We already discussed David Finch, Dell's senior product marketing manager for Linux clients, last week. We missed, however, some more interesting statements by Finch; Dell is looking into the ARM-based netbook smartbook market, and close to a third of all of Dell's netbooks ship with Linux.
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bricks'n'mortar vs online
by aahjnnot on Mon 17th Aug 2009 17:34 UTC
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Dell can sell Linux netbooks because they sell onlime. Real stores have more issues: staff training; stock levels if too many lines are held; accidental mispurchase by ignorant shoppers; and the impossibility of upselling Windows software.

The last point is the most important. "Would sir like an internet security suite with that? How about an office suite too? Or some photo editing software? Maybe a simple game or two? And you do realise you need a cdrom to load the software? Kur support package is very attractively priced, too."

Without these add ons, retail stores would quickly fold.

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