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Apple Apple doesn't have a particularly healthy relationship with the press; it has sued websites for publishing information it didn't like, and has tried to keep information under wraps that a journalist tried to uncover via the Freedom of Information Act. Now, however, it has tried to prevent The Times from publishing an article about Steve Jobs.
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RE: how is this page 1 material?
by reflect on Tue 18th Aug 2009 00:13 UTC in reply to "how is this page 1 material?"
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I do. It is one in a long line of articles showing that apple is no longer a company with a capital A - but instead a company that tries to suppress information and harass sites and people they think could harm their reputation.

As much as I love their older hardware (I have nothing newer than 5 years) and their OS, I'm glad someone is shining a light on how they operate - it's not OK to behave this way and I sincerely hope people will notice.

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