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Legal The legal bickering between Apple and Psystar is almost getting uglier and grittier by the day. In a filing made last week, the Cupertino giant accused Psystar of destroying evidence, but today the clone maker has vigorously denied ever having done such a thing.
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by TheIdiotThatIsMe on Tue 18th Aug 2009 01:38 UTC in reply to "Comment by kaiwai"
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It was a shady organisation from the very day it opened.

Why? I could understand if they stopped selling or supporting their systems after the legal battle started, or if they just disappeared and took off, but neither of those have happened. Pystar has continued to operate, in the open, and have continued to increase their offerings and I believe have continued to support their customers that have purchased from them.

I want to see Mac OS X on generic PC's but there is a right way and a wrong way to go about it.

And what exactly is the "right" way of doing it? Start the legal battle *before* opening business? Apple would bury them so deep in paperwork they'd have toilet paper for the lifetime of every Pystar employee, and Mac OSX would probably be completely irrelevant by the time any outcome was decided. While the course they chose isn't perfect, it did force Apple to move forward in legal proceedings as Pystars systems continue to sell. They have also changed methods so they no longer have to alter the install disc to help reduce the legal grey shades.

The ironic part is the amount of money spent on this - I guess people see a better future in trying to fight legal battles with Apple than spending money to improve Linux.

Someone has to do it, and I think better them than me or you. Also, why would an independent vendor have any interest in investing solely in another company's product, only to enter into a niche market that already has established competitors in it, whom would also benefit from their investment? Pystar holds product lines across all three of the major operating systems, including OSX, Windows, and Linux, which is something (as far as I know) currently unique to them.

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