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Apple Apple doesn't have a particularly healthy relationship with the press; it has sued websites for publishing information it didn't like, and has tried to keep information under wraps that a journalist tried to uncover via the Freedom of Information Act. Now, however, it has tried to prevent The Times from publishing an article about Steve Jobs.
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RE[2]: WTF?
by haus on Tue 18th Aug 2009 07:36 UTC in reply to "RE: WTF?"
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"So? Maybe is because they have done all those things?"

They may have, but they're positive newsworthy items far outweigh their negative ones.

Maybe we should only focus on the fact that you cheated on your test in high school and that you stole that candy bar, you broke your mother's favorite dishes and blamed your sister and you didn't replace the toilet paper role after using the last square.

Now that it has been reported... we can and should only assume that these are the things that define you.

Knowing this, it's obvious, you sir are a terrible person.

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