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Games As everybody had been more or less anticipating for months now, Sony has released the Playstation 3 Slim, a much smaller, lighter, and more energy-efficient variant of the regular Playstation 3. There's good news for people who held out on the PS3 because it was too expensive, and there's bad news for those of us who liked the idea of running Linux on the PS3.
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No OSes?
by Lengsel on Wed 19th Aug 2009 02:57 UTC
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What is there to say that no other operating system can be installed? I use OpenBSD on all my computers, I do not care about Linux at all because of it's bad engineering practices of the kernel. But what has been done with the new slim PS3 to say that it's possible for me to use OpenBSD on there, did they tinker with the IRQ number configuration to block OS installs or something?

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