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BSD and Darwin derivatives "Darwin is the Unix-derived core that provides the underlying foundation for Mac OS X. At Darwin's heart is the XNU kernel; a Mach 3.0-based microkernel that has been modified to include portions of FreeBSD for performance reasons. Let's take a trip down into the core of OS X to learn more about the foundation that gives us one of the best user experiences in computing."
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RE: Minimal Apple commitment
by protagonist on Thu 29th Sep 2005 15:41 UTC in reply to "Minimal Apple commitment"
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"There's an interesting thread ongoing on the OD's Discuss mailing list about the stagnating status of OpenDarwin as an independent distribution:"

Followed your link out and looked at the thread. I have seen it all many times before concerning Operating System xxxx, (put your own values in here). You see much the same regarding any company trying to market an OS based on open source code. I saw many of the same comments about Xandros in its early days.

Let's face it, Companies trying to make a profit have to give people incentive to pay for their product. If they didn't they would soon be out of business. In this respect Apple is no different than any Linux vendor charging for their distro. The free version will usually be as far behind their commercial version as they can get away with.

Anyway, thanks for the link. It was interesting reading the comments even if I had seem them before. Some things never seem to change.

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