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Windows Last week we talked about what Linux (well, okay, X) could learn from Windows Vista and Windows 7, focusing on the graphics stack. A short article over at TechWorld lists seven things Windows 7 should learn from the Linux world. Some of them are spot-on, a few are nonsensical, and of course, and I'm sure you have a few to add too.
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RE: How some things have changed
by uray on Wed 19th Aug 2009 15:13 UTC in reply to "How some things have changed"
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i see myself that searching application on google, download and install application is much easier than using package management on linux, i've been using linux for long time even i am a network administrator which linux is main O/S.

when using package manager, you don't know where the application data goes after installation, then you must really know the exact name of application, and it's waste of bandwidth, for example on windows when you download installer, you can save it, and give it to your friend for example, just copy and run it on another PC. on linux it was a pain in the ass for novice user, copy cache, copy rpm, run package manager installer, configure that, everything is a mess

linux really could learn from windows or even better from OS X in this case

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