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Apple Apple doesn't have a particularly healthy relationship with the press; it has sued websites for publishing information it didn't like, and has tried to keep information under wraps that a journalist tried to uncover via the Freedom of Information Act. Now, however, it has tried to prevent The Times from publishing an article about Steve Jobs.
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Your previous comment made it sound like the internal policies of a company where not relevant provided you got your shinny product.

"So you'd sooner promote a product that doesn't do what the end user wants? there is a time and place to have wide eyed idealism"

This also ignores the part where I say "unless XYZ is the only option". To clarify, if Microsoft's product is the only one that can meet the user's needs then fine, I use that until an equivalent or better product comes along from a company who demonstrates policies I can more closely agree with. I said nothing about forcing an option on a user with "wide eyed idealism" when it does not meet there needs.

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