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Mozilla & Gecko clones Remember the very detailed proposal Microsoft submitted to the European Commission not too long ago about the browser ballot? This was quite the detailed proposal, covering just about every possible aspect of such a ballot screen. Responses were positive from within the EC, but now it seems that according to the Mozilla Foundation, the proposal is not good enough.
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by ringham on Wed 19th Aug 2009 19:23 UTC
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I'm amazed that people in general, Opera and Mozilla are STILL complaining so much about what is essentially a free product. I've always felt that Microsoft should be free to include a browser with Windows in the exact same way that Apple includes Safari and many Linux distros include Firefox. Really, what's the big deal?

Competition? Why do people really care if it's about competition? YOU ARE ALL RELEASING THE BROWSERS FOR FREE. In my mind, anti-monopoly laws should only really be enforced for products that cost people money.

Maybe this was really an issue back when you could buy a browser off the shelf at a computer store, but those days are long past.

Should we force the biggest computer manufacturer to have a ballot box to determine which OS to install? Of course not (although I'm sure some FOSSers would eat that up).

Companies shouldn't be forced to promote a competitors product. End of story. Even if the company is a de facto monopoly, and even if the product costs money.

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