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Hardware, Embedded Systems The big thing in notebooks right now are netbooks. They're cheap, more than powerful enough for day-to-day tasks, and small enough to actually carry around without anyone even noticing you're carrying one (not a bad thing in some parts of the world). However, they also receive a lot of criticism, such as cramped keyboards and displays that are too small. So, at Kaiwai's suggestion, here's a question for you all: how do you use your netbook?
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Eeepc 701
by capricorn_tm on Thu 20th Aug 2009 13:49 UTC
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I was one of the "beta testers " of the Eeepc series, you know the poor sods that bought the wannabe Jesus Laptop onto hear Jerry Sheng announce the 901 two months after.

I still have my baby and I'm still happy with it. Keyboarda is a pain after an hour of typing and I spensd half of the time correcting the faults I made with my big hands ( 192 cm tall , you pay that all your life long).

Other thing that is really painful is having to scroll texts horizontally when on a web page ( we once did REALLY live with 800*60 resolution??)

What do I do? What in fact I have been doing on the main PC for a life long, I write documents, I surf, I look pictures, I read texts.

I run the basic Linux that was provided because I never found a distro that booted faster ( things are gonna change though, I really cannot stand it a second more) but was VERY unsatisfied from it from the first two seconds.

Using the baby I was able to write while going and coming back from work and in every situation a portable machine is supposed to work like in a bar or a street.

I'm very satisfied with the netbook experience and will keep on using it, even if I will have to pay for a Vista licence for the privilege of choosing Linux as main OS.

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