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SuSE, openSUSE On August 4 we discussed the possibility of openSUSE defaulting to KDE during the installation routine. This was raised as a feature request within the openSUSE community, and quickly gained the favour of many, become the most popular request. The openSUSE board and variousother leader within the project have discussed the issue, and have decided that yes, from now on, openSUSE will default to KDE during the installation process.
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RE: Somewhat odd ?
by somebody on Thu 20th Aug 2009 21:26 UTC in reply to "Somewhat odd ?"
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I'm a die hard gnome... I don't have even one piece of desktop software on my computers which isn't gnome. I remove firefox, openoffice... and replace with smaller gnome alternatives.

But... I like this move very, very much. Suse always was wonderful kde distro (I know that from all my kde loving friends). Since they moved to gnome, it is the same feel as they would lose their game. Bad gnome, not finished kde. Maybe there is a hope they'll pick up where they left and return to former glory.

Beside that... There are to many gnome centric distros and too few kde.

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