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General Unix "The computer world is notorious for its obsession with what is new - largely thanks to the relentless engine of Moore's Law that endlessly presents programmers with more powerful machines. Given such permanent change, anything that survives for more than one generation of processors deserves a nod. Think then what the Unix operating system deserves because in August 2009, it celebrates its 40th anniversary. And it has been in use every year of those four decades and today is getting more attention than ever before."
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by Mikaku on Fri 21st Aug 2009 07:12 UTC in reply to "RE: Thanks!"
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The original SCO was not such a bad company. They had what was probably the best commercial x86 Unix for years, and after taking a few "first they laugh at you" pot shots at Linux, ...

I'm agree, I used SCO in the late of 80's (with Xenix) and in early 90's (with Unix and OpenServer) and it was really a very stable system. Then appeared Linux and it changed all completely.

I'm still have (scanned) the letters sent by SCO saying that Linux was the evil!. ;)

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