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Mozilla & Gecko clones Remember the very detailed proposal Microsoft submitted to the European Commission not too long ago about the browser ballot? This was quite the detailed proposal, covering just about every possible aspect of such a ballot screen. Responses were positive from within the EC, but now it seems that according to the Mozilla Foundation, the proposal is not good enough.
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RE: Ballot Screen Switch
by wumip on Fri 21st Aug 2009 20:19 UTC in reply to "Ballot Screen Switch"
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Well since all this 'force them to let you choose' began largely as sour grapes from Opera

On the contrary, it began because Microsoft was breaking the law. The only sour grapes are from Microsoft cheerleaders who can't handle the fact that Microsoft has to face the consequences of its illegal actions.

OH , and i want every other OS in the world that has the ablity to have more than one choice of browser to be forced under law to do the same. Its only fair ;)

The ignorance of this one is amazing.

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