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Podcasts What else would we talk about other than the massively [popular|controversial] article about last week. We try and address a number of concerns about the article and common lines of reasoning / misunderstanding. Lastly, we move onto something completely different with topics on Google Chrome on Linux, IE6 and the two details we know about RockMelt: Rock. Melt.
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RE[5]: X and Thom
by wfreund on Sat 22nd Aug 2009 06:51 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: X and Thom"
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The silent majority ends up living with the stereotypes generated by the more salient members of the group.

This is not the case if they distinguish themselves through their own behavior. They will be able to earn the respect of anyone that is not thinking blindly. They will be considered one of the exceptions, while not making the generalization any less true or useful.

It is my firm belief that there is nothing wrong with this. Generalizations can be useful in commentary and this is not any less so just because some people use generalizations to support their own hatreds. It is important to remember that the hatreds would still exist without the generalizations - they would simply find another avenue of expression.

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