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Apple Late last night, Apple, At&T, and Google answered the questions posed to them by the FCC about the rejection of the Google Voice application and Apple's App Store policies. While the letters do provide a unique insight into the process, they also raise a number of questions. Note: Updates inside on the Google Contacts complaint.
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Comment by joaomcarvalho
by joaomcarvalho on Sun 23rd Aug 2009 10:02 UTC
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I only see one good thing on the iPhone: it changed the way manufacturers see the mobile equipments and the way they can be built. But that's it.

I don't have an iPhone and I don't see any advantage in having one. I have a mobile equipment from another manufacturer that does everything iPhone does. It's older than the iPhone 3GS and it's clearly superior in many ways. I can feel some insanity around the iPhone, iPod and the Apple perfect world. People spend a lot of money (500, 600 euro or more in some european countries) on it and they can't do whatever they want? Why can't I install applications from another source? Why can't I user voip if I want? So I say, no, I don't need the iPhone and I don't need Apple to dictate the world.

There are many more interesting equipments and projects that deserve much more focus from the media.

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