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SuSE, openSUSE On August 4 we discussed the possibility of openSUSE defaulting to KDE during the installation routine. This was raised as a feature request within the openSUSE community, and quickly gained the favour of many, become the most popular request. The openSUSE board and variousother leader within the project have discussed the issue, and have decided that yes, from now on, openSUSE will default to KDE during the installation process.
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RE[3]: Somewhat odd ?
by somebody on Sun 23rd Aug 2009 12:41 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Somewhat odd ?"
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"Bad gnome, not finished kde.

WTF? openSUSE is one of the best KDE distros. GNOME support is also top-notch. The only difference compared to most other GNOME distributions is the Slab menu, which can be reverted to the original with a few clicks.

gnome support is sucky at best (simply not robust and it can break very easily). while kde support has fallen lengths beyond what it used to be.

you misunderstood my point, packages and support suffers when gnome is used and kde is way off to be polished as it used to be in suse.

and don't get religious... Suse is still a great distro, I just think they can't follow two desktops and still be 100% polished as they were in kde times (no distro can, this is why they pick their main desktop). And since majority of suse users are kde users... well, here is the reason why they would only benefit from this move

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