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Legal Another week, and another set of filings in the Apple vs. Psystar case. And yes, the case continues to get grittier and grittier. Last week Apple accused Psystar of destroying evidence, and this week Psystar is kicking it up a notch. The depositions of key Apple employees are currently under way, and August 14, it was Phil Schiller's turn. According to Psystar, Schiller was "wholly unprepared and unwilling to testify". At the same time, Apple has suddenly told the courts it will no longer seek recovery of lost profits from Psystar, because that would require Apple to give out its profit margins - and Apple doesn't want to do that.
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You only mention hardware, while the Mac Mini comes with a bunch of software too.

You need to include at least the price of aWindows license in your setup. Then include the price of a audio multitrack solution (including soft-synths) to compensate for Apple's GarageBand.

Oh and the price for a backup solution (like acronis trueimage), since the Mac Mini comes with Time Machine backup software.

Now calculate the price again.

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