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Linux A reader asks: Why is Linux still not as user friendly as the two other main OSes with all the people developing for Linux? Is it because it is mainly developed by geeks? My initial feeling when reading this question was that it was kind of a throwaway, kind of a slam in disguise as a genuine question. But the more I thought about it, the more intrigued I felt. There truly are a large amount of resources being dedicated to the development of Linux and its operating system halo (DEs, drivers, apps, etc). Some of these resources are from large companies (IBM, Red Hat, Novell). Why isn't Linux more user-friendly? Is this an inherent limitation with open source software?
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OS X equally non-user friendly
by hartvig on Mon 24th Aug 2009 11:45 UTC
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My first reaction upon reading this was: WTF! he must be joking.

On second thought it occurred to me he was right, well sort of. While neither KDE / Gnome are perfect GUIs nor is OS X - when compared to "what people are used to".

If people are used to the whole Windows 95 - 98 - 2000 - XP - Vista and now 7, the GUI of both linux and OS X will be troublesome to understand.

But hold on! Most people who have used Windows will actually feel more at home using KDE / Gnome than using OS X....

So let's get it out in the open, the OS X GUI is not user friendly! Biggest problem ever: Finder (press enter to rename a file? You have got to be kidding).

Second biggest problem: Window management. The amount of clutter an OS X desktop has once you have more than 2-3 windows open is amazing.

Oh well, to each their own - I know plenty of people who love OS X and plenty who despise it so much they will never ever buy a Mac - and we are talking people who really dislike using Windows but see no other viable alternative.

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