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SuSE, openSUSE On August 4 we discussed the possibility of openSUSE defaulting to KDE during the installation routine. This was raised as a feature request within the openSUSE community, and quickly gained the favour of many, become the most popular request. The openSUSE board and variousother leader within the project have discussed the issue, and have decided that yes, from now on, openSUSE will default to KDE during the installation process.
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RE[5]: Somewhat odd ?
by somebody on Mon 24th Aug 2009 12:02 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: Somewhat odd ?"
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So you provide no arguments at all. I actually use openSUSE with KDE 4.3 and GNOME 2.26 installed. I see no problems with both.

ok, you want proof? Try being a bit more avid gnome user like me. Suse has way too many repositories (and many incompatible) as gnome software is concerned. If you need some piece of software which doesn't reside in base repository there are great odds that some repository will try to change way too many libs. Many of the packages are not built with exact version (but should be) and so it replaces whole load of libraries. Which can lead to either unworking software or complete desktop collapse. I suffered 3 smaller errors exactly (nothing what few hours couldn't fix) the same way. And one larger where my only chance to repair was upgrading distro to 11.1. That was in one year. I didn't suffer one error like that in fedora

This doesn't happen on fedora or ubuntu. But suse having too decentralized gnome package repositories... it leads to whole load of trouble. Gnome packaging on suse is so decentralized that I can calmly call it worst gnome packaging ever.

Besides the fact that you talk about completely different topic than me. You talk about initial look and feel, I talk about maintenance. (p.s. can't talk about kde on fedora, I don't use it, but I really like (K)Ubuntu separation... different maintainers, different focus)

openSUSE's KDE does not have any of those issues at all. openSUSE's Build Service packages the latest KDE packages every few days.

it is not about the last, it is all about polished. Suse was wunderkind for kde distros. The way they polished complete setup was simply brilliant. Now it is just ordinary nothing special out of the svn. I'm not kde user my self so I can't talk about packaging of kde in suse nowadays.

And this always happens when distro starts losing its focus. Hopefully with this move they will be what they were in 90's. Best kde distro ever

and don't get religious...
No need for personal attacks against me. Is this the only way you can try to cover up your complete lack of proof for your claims?

??? Personal attack? lol, you seem to misunderstood, in your first answer you acted like I stepped on your favorite hamster. You answered almost religiously... please read your answer and try to connect who attacked who,

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