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Linux A reader asks: Why is Linux still not as user friendly as the two other main OSes with all the people developing for Linux? Is it because it is mainly developed by geeks? My initial feeling when reading this question was that it was kind of a throwaway, kind of a slam in disguise as a genuine question. But the more I thought about it, the more intrigued I felt. There truly are a large amount of resources being dedicated to the development of Linux and its operating system halo (DEs, drivers, apps, etc). Some of these resources are from large companies (IBM, Red Hat, Novell). Why isn't Linux more user-friendly? Is this an inherent limitation with open source software?
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Typical linux fanboy, I do know because i have read, i am talking about the average desktop user like your mom or aunt, who will not take 30 min to read how to use linux when she already knows how to use windows or a mac

You're missing the point. Average Windows users have no clue where things go when they download them nevermind when they install software. There is absolutely nothing inherently superior or easier about Windows' filesystem layout to the average user. Linux is quite sane actually if not a little confusing at first.

Either you have very strong sense of sarcasm or your a dumb***

You're making a fool of yourself by calling someone else dumb.

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