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Linux A reader asks: Why is Linux still not as user friendly as the two other main OSes with all the people developing for Linux? Is it because it is mainly developed by geeks? My initial feeling when reading this question was that it was kind of a throwaway, kind of a slam in disguise as a genuine question. But the more I thought about it, the more intrigued I felt. There truly are a large amount of resources being dedicated to the development of Linux and its operating system halo (DEs, drivers, apps, etc). Some of these resources are from large companies (IBM, Red Hat, Novell). Why isn't Linux more user-friendly? Is this an inherent limitation with open source software?
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I don't consider changing Emacs to correspond with the latest popular DEs to be "fixing" anything.

Clipboard isn't just a DE thing, it's an X thing.

Emacs has been around decades longer than KDE, and will still be around after KDE has been long forgotten.

My theory is that emacs is/was just too stagnant as a project to make "brave" moves like this. Though times may be changing - they just added anti-aliasing. Party like it's 1999! You can easily consider the current clipboard contents as last entry in the kill ring, I think win32 version of xemacs does this at least.

Who knows what will be the latest craze a few years from now (though I would wager a guess that it'll keep getting more Windows-like).

If all of us remained sceptical of all the new software, nothing would improve. It's safe to wager that clipboard is mature technology by now, dont you think?

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