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Linux A reader asks: Why is Linux still not as user friendly as the two other main OSes with all the people developing for Linux? Is it because it is mainly developed by geeks? My initial feeling when reading this question was that it was kind of a throwaway, kind of a slam in disguise as a genuine question. But the more I thought about it, the more intrigued I felt. There truly are a large amount of resources being dedicated to the development of Linux and its operating system halo (DEs, drivers, apps, etc). Some of these resources are from large companies (IBM, Red Hat, Novell). Why isn't Linux more user-friendly? Is this an inherent limitation with open source software?
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did you have to edit synaptic repository files? I bet you did. I windows I click download, wait for it to appear on my desktop then double click and I am good to go. Not so in ubuntu or any other distro

Installing a program on linux = single click icon. There, win ;)

Ok, lets test:

>> apt-search acrobat
libpentaho-reporting-flow-engine-java - report library for java
libpentaho-reporting-flow-engine-java-doc - report library for java documentation
balazarbrothers - 3D puzzle game
libpdf-fdf-simple-perl - Perl module to read and write (Acrobat) FDF files
libpdf-reuse-perl - Reuse and mass produce PDF documents
xpdf - Portable Document Format (PDF) suite
xpdf-common - Portable Document Format (PDF) suite -- common files
xpdf-reader - Portable Document Format (PDF) suite -- viewer for X11
xpdf-utils - Portable Document Format (PDF) suite -- utilities
xpdf-chinese-simplified - Portable Document Format (PDF) suite -- simplified Chinese language support
xpdf-chinese-traditional - Portable Document Format (PDF) suite -- traditional Chinese language support
xpdf-japanese - Portable Document Format (PDF) suite -- Japanese language support
xpdf-korean - Portable Document Format (PDF) suite -- Korean language support

Ooops...., ok lets go to, download installer navigate to download dir and doubleclick AdbeRdr9.1.2-1_i486linux_enu.bin. Now we get some "Open with..." dialog asking for an application to handle the filetype ".bin". Ooops....

At this point any non-expert is simply lost. Of course you all can now start with lengthy explanations why this was the wrong approach, something is not configured, etc, etc,.... BUT, in reality this is a testament to the very MESS that is linux.

- repository has no acrobat (for religious reasons)
- .bin is not known as a filetype -> FAIL
- there is no standard way to mark executable files
....oh wait, there is...*does chmod 775 on AdbRd9-xxx.bin, doubleclicks* -> FAIL

You have to rename to and the filemanager will offer "execute" option (thunar by the way, but still *linux* right?)


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