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Linux user Tess Flynn joins us to follow up on the feedback from last week's episode about Xorg.

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Comment by ideasman42
by ideasman42 on Tue 25th Aug 2009 06:46 UTC
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@jabjoe, XCB's the one, I didnt recall the name, but on the other hand. How can you convince projects to switch that are already using XLib? - It breaks compat with older unix's, for a nicer API (but still requires rewriting parts of the app that currently work). - A shame really.

@jjmckay, agree that this is more complicated then people give it credit for, while I didnt ever do Xorg development, my experience is that often making something simple for the user can end up being fairly complicated for the developer. When hardware compatibility is involved its worse.

@diego, maybe they have no idea but theirs is more of a user perception, nothing wrong with this but when outsiders (non Xorg core-devs in this case) speculate on a projects direction, I find it almost laughable.
Maybe the problem is the X11 api, maybe its the drivers, maybe its sloppy code??? - speculating on this without some understanding the xorg internals is stupid, better interview someone who knows what their talking about.

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