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Linux user Tess Flynn joins us to follow up on the feedback from last week's episode about Xorg.

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RE: Difficult and complicated
by Leszek Lesner on Tue 25th Aug 2009 09:30 UTC in reply to "Difficult and complicated"
Leszek Lesner
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From a user's perspective, I don't care that its a challenge. The OS web site claims we will all reach Utopian nirvana with Linux and that's why we install it, not to much around with xorg.conf and guessing modelines

Lately I've been trying to make sure that the desktop will be visible if I plug in only my LCD monitor and not the LCD+CRT. It's not easy because xorg sends too high of a refresh rate to my LCD without a CRT plugged into the other video port on the video card. When I installed F11, I had two monitors plugged but now I want only one plugged in which has xorg confused. Simple things like this ruin the experience. I know for certain there is a fix but F11 isn't sophisticated to take a voice command "Fix it," just yet.

(edit: and I'm certain the LCD is not telling xorg/f11 that it can display that refresh rate)

From a normal user perspective these are the problems modern distributors have to fix. They may not fix xorg alone, but they can fix annoying problems around it. I think bulletproof-X has shown whats possible. It is a nice improvement.
The so called "audio disaster" is very bad not only for users but also for the image. I still don't know how for example Canonical could ever include it in Ubuntu 8.04. I hope that pulseaudio will be useable in Ubuntu 9.10. Btw. there are still linux distributions not using pulseaudio, e.g. Xubuntu, ZevenOS , ....
I will stick with Alsa and will test pulseaudio when Ubuntu 9.10 reaches beta and we have to consider which audio system we will use for ZevenOS 2.0 .
And we will take a deep look into it, test applications like skype , flash and all these other applications that a normal desktop user would use. (also audio recording of course)
I think that is one point Ubuntu missed to do the last releases. (e.g. xserver-xorg-video-intel and kernel incompatibility which resulted in a unusable slow graphics system )

I hope that this will improve in the next versions and that we can improve it also ;)

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