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Linux user Tess Flynn joins us to follow up on the feedback from last week's episode about Xorg.

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RE: Difficult and complicated
by dante on Tue 25th Aug 2009 18:28 UTC in reply to "Difficult and complicated"
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jjmckay - the problem is that yes, XOrg is complicated. But the reason XOrg is doing so well these days is because they *don't* tell people to mind their own business. I could talk about the bad old days of XFree86, but that's getting on to another topic.

You shouldn't have to muck around with xorg.conf now, and you REALLY shouldn't need to mess with modelines. Every monitor made in the last 10 years has EDID, and will tell X what it supports. Unfortunately, there is still a lot of old information on the internet. If you modified your xorg.conf, it will take that as the word of god, so if you removed a monitor, it will still act as is it is there.

The best thing users can do is to make sure there are more developers on X. XOrg is getting by with such a skeleton team of devs, it is unreal.

How I would suggest getting more developers .. pointing people that know how to write code and want a challange to XOrg; make sure Google SOC money goes to X; make sure distros that have money to spend know to spend it on X; donate money; get other users together and make payouts for developers doing work on X.

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