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Legal Not too long ago, Ben "Yahtzee" Croshaw explained he had found the perfect husband for Lara Croft: Jason Voorhees. They both have way too many sequels all following a default plot, they both murder a lot and spend a lot of time underground, but most of all: none of them will ever just die. In that light, I suggest another husband for Miss Croft: Darl McBride. Instant update: Darl McBride responds. See inside.
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RE: The good news
by glarepate on Wed 26th Aug 2009 02:16 UTC in reply to "The good news"
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In fairness to you: Darl was unaware that the new trustee had been appointed and approved by the judge at the time he made his [ludicrous] remarks. The judge whose ruling was remanded back to the district court knows that they have no evidence. The judge who is the new trustee specializes in dispute resolution and complex litigation. I suspect he will be smart enough to see that the case is not worth pursuing if there is no evidence of infringement. He won't spend money belonging to the creditors of the estate on a frivolous suit in the hope that Novell and IBM will back down now after fighting off this zombie for nearly 7 years.

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