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Mac OS X With Apple's Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard operating system arriving on people's doorsteps over the coming weekend, you'd think that all the new features are known by now, and there will be no more major surprises. Well, that's not entirely true: on Intego's Mac Security Blog, it is reported that Snow Leopard comes with anti-virus/malware functionality built-in. Update: Snow Leopard testers on MacRumors confirmed the functionality. How, exactly, it works, is not yet known, however.
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RE: Includes malware? ;-)
by ohbrilliance on Wed 26th Aug 2009 03:59 UTC in reply to "Includes malware? ;-)"
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"I thought surely that they would scan for viruses instead of anti-viruses. ;-)"

Norton bloatware is more of a threat to my system than most viruses. There's surely a market for anti-virus scanning software ;)

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