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Opera Software Opera 10 has hit the release candidate status. "The Opera 10 release candidate is feature complete, with a surprising array of new features, a fresh look and feel, a new application icon, and enhanced speed and performance. Opera 10 features Opera Turbo, the new bandwidth-booster for slow Internet connections. It also features a significantly improved Opera Mail, Opera's built-in e-mail client. Tabbed browsing enters the next phase of its evolution with resizeable, thumbnail tabs. The upgrade of Opera's Speed Dial now gives users a chance to personalize their favorite online destinations and the overall look and feel of their start page. Finally, Opera has always been about speed and performance. Opera 10 is now much faster on resource intensive pages such as Gmail and Facebook and is more than 40% faster than Opera 9.6. Web developers can enjoy Web Fonts support, RGBA/HSLA color and new SVG improvements."
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Visual tabs
by Dave_K on Wed 26th Aug 2009 09:26 UTC
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Is anyone actually using visual tabs and finding them a worthwhile feature?

So far most of the Opera users I know have played with them, commented on how neat they look, then turned them off for good.

To me they seem like a pointless gimmick that definitely aren't worth the space they take. Open so many tabs that finding a particular one is an issue and the thumbnails will be squashed beyond recognition anyway.

Compared with certain unsung Opera window management features, like being able to filter the tabs displayed in the windows panel, and visual tabs seem like a damp squib.

It's a great browser, but I can't say I'm blown away by the new features in 10.

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