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Legal Not too long ago we had a semi-loss for The Pirate Bay in The Netherlands, which was convicted 'by default' because the defendants did not show up in court to plea their case. Today, The Netherlands once again saw a ruling in a high-profile piracy case, and again, there's a loss for the defendants. Update: Oh, and by the way - thought about putting some lyrics you like on your website or blog? Think again. We live in a crazy world, people.
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by Doca on Wed 26th Aug 2009 14:30 UTC
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If you get things in the right places, you can sue/execute almost anyone, for anything. Law is becoming like that movie "The number 23" or just "23", I'm not sure.

Those sites that were sued because they were hosting lyrics is way over absurd... Is like having a site that lists anything that is copyrighted, for example, car dealers, to be sued. After all, they are listing the brand of the cars, that are registered by their original companies AND are making money by dealing with this information, on top of that. How nonsense that would be?

But a site hosting Torrents with (mainly) illegal content (C'mon, we all know what Mininova is, is the replacement for SuprNova that was shutdown years ago) is like having a catalog for drug dealers, mercenaries. Did you get the picture? Off course, I understand that the site cannot be accounted with the responsability about the torrents uploaded but if something illegal (piracy) is uploaded, it should be deleted. There is no excuse for that.

It's like the guys here in Brazil that say they don't have money to buy every movie they want, so they pirate it. That just doesn't make sense. you CANT buy everything you want, you won't have enough money for that, for sure, so you buy just what is within your reach. People come up with such lame, torrid excuses to justify software piracy... It's unbelievable.

I thing the world is coming to an end.

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