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Legal Not too long ago, Ben "Yahtzee" Croshaw explained he had found the perfect husband for Lara Croft: Jason Voorhees. They both have way too many sequels all following a default plot, they both murder a lot and spend a lot of time underground, but most of all: none of them will ever just die. In that light, I suggest another husband for Miss Croft: Darl McBride. Instant update: Darl McBride responds. See inside.
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The most annoying thing about having a Jury Trial on this case is that Jurors selected for the case must not have prior knowledge of the case!

... what techie with any knowledge of non-windows OS's doesn't know about this case? So the jury would exclusively be filled with american citizens who, most likely, don't have a clue what Linux or Unix is, let alone what an OS is.

The story, as pointed out, can be summarized, but anything technical about it can not. Luckily - or unluckily as the case may be - this is not going to be a case about whether Linux has Unix code or not, but rather, whether or not SCO legally owns UNIX.

Still, I think the Jury might struggle with the concepts if they are, as a whole, relatively ignorant of the workings of computers. And that might make them unable to understand what Novell did and didn't sell to SCO. And that might make them find in SCO's favor.

It's all who's got the better Lawyer again. That said, how much money does SCO still have???

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