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Apple It just goes to show you how much people love Apple. Would anyone ever post an article about SanDisk's five worst products, or Toshiba's five worst products? We complain because we love, so stop yer whinin' fanboys. Wired compiled an entertaining list from the Apple rogue's gallery. I spent a few minutes trying to think of my own list of crummy Apple products, and I realized that they were mostly things that I hated not because they weren't good, but because they didn't live up to the hype, or my high expectations, or they were just too ahead of the curve. The QuickTake, mentioned by Wired, is a great example of that. Too early.
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Comment by schoate09
by schoate09 on Wed 26th Aug 2009 21:01 UTC
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The iTunes criticisms I can vouch for all the way.

In the old days, circa 2005, before video was added, and iTunes 4.7 was the latest version, iTunes was a pleasure to use, despite it's foreign interface, even on Windows.

It was about 30 some odd MB to install, launched relatively quickly, and had little other bloat besides installing Quicktime, which provided the necessary frameworks for it's audio playback.

Today, my Core i7 with Windows 7 64-bit launches iTunes 8 slower on a clean, fast, fresh OS install, than my Pentium 4 did with Xp running iTunes 4.

Little in the way of actual functionality was added, and what really brings my piss to a boil is the size of updates for this program (even though my Comcast connection is quick, these updates still are larger than they need to be).

I still use it for my iPod shuffle (For running), but I much prefer WMP or Winamp for my daily listening.

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