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GTK+ This version of Glade (Glade-3) is a complete rewrite of the original Glade codebase. One of the main differences from glade-2 is that C code generation has been removed from glade-3; the preferred way to use glade files is with libglade. Another main difference is that glade-3 was designed to make maximal use of GObject introspection, thus easing the integration of external toolkits and handling widgets, signals and properties genericly. It has a few useful new features such as stacked Undo/Redo and Multiple Project support and respects the same XML format as glade-2.
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The problem is: Qt vs. GTK+. To be honest, I love C language, pure C is one of the simplest, the most logical and efficient languages ever invented (yes, I mean this). But GTK+ is a mess. Why implement object oriented programming in C? Why implement things such as GObject in C?

You answered your own question, C is simple, logical and efficient. And it's easier to create bindings to other languages than with C++.

And yes, you can always use Python, C++ or Java to write GTL+ apps, but they will use basic library written in C. That's unefficient, illogical and stupid.

Why is it unefficient [sic], illogical and stupid? They are thin wrappers around the C library and provide almost no performance penalty. Do you think that using Python with Qt is also unefficient [sic], illogical and stupid?

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