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Legal Not too long ago we had a semi-loss for The Pirate Bay in The Netherlands, which was convicted 'by default' because the defendants did not show up in court to plea their case. Today, The Netherlands once again saw a ruling in a high-profile piracy case, and again, there's a loss for the defendants. Update: Oh, and by the way - thought about putting some lyrics you like on your website or blog? Think again. We live in a crazy world, people.
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I'm sorry, in this day and age publishers shouldn't own the material produced by the artists.

Why? So you can have access to free music? What if the artist wants the publisher to own the music? Maybe you don't understand why artists want a record deal. It's so they can make more money than they normally would if they did all the producing/marketing/distributing themselves. Artists are free to work within or outside of the copyright system. Most musicians however dream of a record deal. They don't dream of having their music distributed without compensation.

It is sad that the whole experience of consuming media is easier from piracy than it is from any "legal" service in that I can place shift, time shift, media shift and content appears promptly.

So laws should not be supported if they aren't convenient? Would you support a criminal who finds stealing to be more convenient than working?

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