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GNU, GPL, Open Source When Windows Vista was launched, the Free Software Foundation started its BadVista campaign, which was aimed at informing users about what the FSF considered user-restrictive features in Vista. Luckily for the FSF, Vista didn't really need a bad-mouthing campaign to fail. Now that Windows 7 is receiving a lot of positive press, the FSF dusted off the BadVista drum, and gave it a fresh coat of paint.
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RE[3]: Why?
by boldingd on Thu 27th Aug 2009 18:13 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Why?"
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I'm using Ubuntu on my lap-top (and I game under WINE just fine... well, not "just fine," I admit, but well enough). I dual-boot my home machine, Vista and Slackware. I've tried, and regularly make use of, both open- and closed-source products. And I am faaaar from the only person who can say that.

You are absolutely correct that closed-source software distribution is not inherently bad, and that both closed- and open-source software can coexist. You're definitely not the only person who realizes it, tho. Hell, probably any BSD-license advocate would agree with you completely.

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