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ReactOS The ReactOS website has been completely redesigned. That in itself won't get your panties in a twist, however, the screenshots section might. They show just how far ReactOS has come: 1.1.4, MS Office 2003's setup, Unreal Tournament, Deus Ex, Flash Player, and much more. Note that some of those apps will only run in the latest SVN version.
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by BrianH on Thu 29th Sep 2005 22:43 UTC in reply to "BSD TCP/IP Stack?"
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Windows doesn't use the BSD stack. They may have started with it, but they have since rewritten it extensively. Even from the initial release they have used a different API to make it integrate into Windows, Winsock. Since Winsock 2 they have abstracted out to the API to support different network transports like IPX/SPX.

The BSD API is synchronous, and the Windows one is asynchronous. Even if ReactOS used the BSD implementation underneath they would still need to do quite a lot of work to make it usable to Windows apps.

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