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Mozilla & Gecko clones The US State Department is quite clearly fed up with not being able to use Firefox. One of its staffers asked (causing applause) Secretary of State Hillary Clinton why they were not allowed to use Firefox. Clinton did not know the answer right away herself, but under secretary Kennedy explained that while Firefox is free, it still comes with a price. However, the goal is indeed to allow the State Department to use Firefox. More here.
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by matej on Thu 27th Aug 2009 21:21 UTC
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This is a trick to get permission from your IT department to install anything on your work desktop:
1) Send e-mails to your IT department to ask them to solve bugs and missing feature in any of the software they force you to use. Explain why these bugs and missing features cause you to lose much time.
2) Your IT department does not expect such questions from you and they will feel bad they can't help you to solve bugs/missing features in the proprietary software.
3) As an alternative way to help you (and because they don't want your questions), they will finally suggest you to Google for a solution.
4) This suggestion is a wildcard for you to install any alternative software you prefer, especially if they wrote this in an email reply! B-)
5) If anybody would complain, you can point them to the email with the "Google for a solution permission" from the IT department. Also, the IT department will not bother you, because you always can point people to the multiple emails about problems with which the IT department could not help will look like IT people did not do their job. Hence, they will not bother you B-)

Installed on my desktop (so far):
* Freemind
* VMWare with Ubuntu (I tried Portable Ubuntu before)
* Firefox
* Google Desktop
* Xobni Outlook plugin
* WinMerge
* some other small utilities

TODO: find a reliable Exchange-compatible email client and install a multiboot environment with Linux! ;)

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