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Mozilla & Gecko clones The US State Department is quite clearly fed up with not being able to use Firefox. One of its staffers asked (causing applause) Secretary of State Hillary Clinton why they were not allowed to use Firefox. Clinton did not know the answer right away herself, but under secretary Kennedy explained that while Firefox is free, it still comes with a price. However, the goal is indeed to allow the State Department to use Firefox. More here.
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I see both sides, but...
by coreyography on Fri 28th Aug 2009 04:52 UTC
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I've been both a luser and an admin, and I can see both sides of this. I'm all for a little give and take; if I feel that IT is doing what they do for good reason, and is otherwise trying to get the most out of our computing environment, I can live with some restrictions (compared to, say, my home machine).

Unfortunately, that is not currently the case where I work. Our LAN is often slower than my DSL at home. There was more time and effort spent on advertising a new, crappy service request portal (can you say "Vista"?) than there has been fixing the bogus installer popups for applications that occur when you run other, totally unrelated apps. They are constantly mucking around with the servers or the network, breaking things without telling anyone. I hardly feel I'm getting anything in return for my tolerance of the aforementioned restrictions.

So I keep my USB stick with me, and run Firefox.

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