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Mozilla & Gecko clones The US State Department is quite clearly fed up with not being able to use Firefox. One of its staffers asked (causing applause) Secretary of State Hillary Clinton why they were not allowed to use Firefox. Clinton did not know the answer right away herself, but under secretary Kennedy explained that while Firefox is free, it still comes with a price. However, the goal is indeed to allow the State Department to use Firefox. More here.
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So, what about all those
by gfolkert on Fri 28th Aug 2009 10:07 UTC in reply to "RE: As we all know"
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"The safest possible combination is: 1. Microsoft Windows 2. Microsoft Internet Explorer 3. Microsoft Office All branches of government have determined these programs to be the safest, and certainly the cheapest combination for a secure, stable networked environment. We are a funny bunch in America, no?

Yes because all those can be easily updated thru WSUS. Firefox in other hand can't. There is no way to update Firefox in huge corporations, unless you package every patch which ofc costs money. And if you say Firefox has internal update method I won't bother answering.

So what about all those thousands of *OTHER* non-Microsoft programs that can be WSUS updated? I seem to recall that they can be easily packaged... and rolled out. In fact, I just worked on a corporate rollout of Adobe products and some kind of "Oracle" product... that you know... is some kind of small Enterprise Resource system. Also included was something stupid called "Groupwise"... oh along with about 40 other packages that were all updated to current revs.

Took us about 5 hours to finalize the changes and set them to roll in the wee hours of the morning.

So, what is this "Can't be deployed via WSUS" comment? I need more words to understand your conceptual misinformation better.

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