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Slackware, Slax Among OSNews readers, Slackware is a surprisingly popular choice when it comes to Linux distributions. A new release came out today, Slackware 13, which comes packed with improvements, and even a whole new port.
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Surprising choice?
by darknexus on Fri 28th Aug 2009 12:58 UTC
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I don't see why Slackware would be a surprising choice among osnews readers. It's lean, stable, clean (as in mostly vanilla sources without a lot of distro-specific patches), and the most BSD-ish of all the Linux systems around. The package manager is simple and straight forward without all the dependency issues you can run into with other package managers. Slackware assumes you know what you're doing, lets you do it, and stays completely out of the way while you do it. There's no handholding, which means no safety net, but that's a plus imho. My only issue with it is, of course, that Pat dropped GNOME but there are many good GNOME builds for Slackware around and, given Slackware's simple nature, it's hardly KDE-centric unlike, say, Mandriva.

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