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Slackware, Slax Among OSNews readers, Slackware is a surprisingly popular choice when it comes to Linux distributions. A new release came out today, Slackware 13, which comes packed with improvements, and even a whole new port.
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RE[2]: Nice and simple
by reez on Fri 28th Aug 2009 16:14 UTC in reply to "RE: Nice and simple"
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Yeah arch was a really good distro. The problem I have is that there are pretty bad package maintainers even in the core team.

No security updates, even if you provide patches. You get hard and stupid answers, if you provide a patch and months later exactly this patch gets committed without any attribution. A lot of people also add wrong licenses to their packages.

I'm talking about core and extra here. A lot of these problems still apply. As I said I provided patches and even wanted to take over a package as maintainer.

I was a real big fan of Arch a few versions ago, but the quality always got worse. It's still good enough for many things, but I'm really sad about it.

If you need quality Frugalware might be a good alternative. IMO it's a mix of Arch + Slackware + many extras.

I'm thinking about switching back to Slackware because it seems that all good new distributions loose quality after a while. Gentoo, Arch, Fedora, ... Even Debian has some problems. But I guess their biggest Problem is that their release cycle got faster.

I know this sounds like a big flame, but the quality of many systems is shrinking. I'm not sure about why. Maby things are done quick and dirty. Only the number of commits/changes matters and not the quality.

I'm not sure how Gentoo and Arch Linux solved the quality problems in the early days. There were fewer commiters, the packages were more up to date and the quality was better.

Maybe there should be more reviews. Maybe it's also a problem of test automation. If things compile and even the automated tests work it's fine, but these tests can't cover everything and also more complex things aren't really testable.

Okay, that's off topic. I'm sorry!

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