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Internet & Networking Another instalment of Ask OSNews. A reader sent us in a question about browser security and privacy. "Could you please advise me and your readers on what you consider to be the safest web browser? I am considering the term 'safe' from both a privacy and security stand point."
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I've cleaned massive infestations off of nine computers in the past two weeks which resulted in the PCs in question being unusable...Regardless of the browser in use, Windows' inherent security flaws are at issue in these drive by infections.

Which flaws exactly? I think the main problem with security today is that people are allowed to install random crap from the web. IE8 + User mode blocks everything, so I don't see how you can blame windows. I've also cleaned computers and I've noticed that vista at least cuts down a lot of it. The worst machines I have seen were XP and the browser didn't matter because most of the crap came from people trying to download:
Pirated material
Random codecs
Click me crap
Your computer is infected crap

So I guess my answer is that the safe browser is the one that is updated and running in user mode. IE has a bad rep but it is really more from 6. IE8 is fine, but so are the alternatives.

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