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Windows "The Fault Tolerant Heap is a subsystem of Windows 7 responsible for monitoring application crashes and autonomously applying mitigations to prevent future crashes on a per application basis. For the vast majority of users, FTH will function with no need for intervention or change on their part. Principal Development Lead and rock star developer Silviu Calinoiu is the mastermind behind FTH. Here, we go deep into how FTH works and why it's designed the way it is."
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sweep it under the carpet
by CrLf on Fri 28th Aug 2009 23:47 UTC
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This looks like yet another way to reward lazy developers and bad software.

I'm a big fan of features that help protect the system from misbehaving applications (process/memory isolation), but I think there is only way to deal with them, and that's a forced kill.

Most windows software is already crap, if Windows now does stuff behind the scenes to help applications that tend to crash, they will not be fixed for sure.

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