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Mozilla & Gecko clones The US State Department is quite clearly fed up with not being able to use Firefox. One of its staffers asked (causing applause) Secretary of State Hillary Clinton why they were not allowed to use Firefox. Clinton did not know the answer right away herself, but under secretary Kennedy explained that while Firefox is free, it still comes with a price. However, the goal is indeed to allow the State Department to use Firefox. More here.
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But that's (mostly) the plan once school's finished for me. I could absolutely see the rationale behind restricting work computers; however, I will tell you that at the store that I currently worked at, we played around with doing network restores over a gigabit setup, and I can tell you that with that capability, I could definitely see myself letting things roam a little freer on my network. Obviously, I'd have certain components of the OS I wouldn't let users touch (AV/update/system settings, mainly) but when you can restore a system in ~10-15 minutes, it's almost not worth it to lock down every damn thing.

The author makes a valid point; people who are more comfortable with their environment work better (subconsciously or not.) Part of this environment is their computer, and I do think that letting them have a bit of control over their comp setup is allowable. I would, of course, tell them when they first arrived that, in essence, "Hey, if you f**k this thing up at all, it gets erased & reloaded, no questions asked. Personal items and everything."

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