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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless "It's turning out to be a busy week for Nokia. Days in advance of NokiaWorld in Stuttgart, and a couple of days after lifting the curtain on its first netbook, Nokia has announced the Nokia N900, the successor to its almost four-year-old lineup of Internet Tablets. The N900 follows in the footsteps of the N810 with its slide out keyboard, but adds for the first time built-in 3G (Nokia calls it 3.5G) functionality, making the N900 the first Nokia tablet with the ability to go online without a WiFi connection or cellphone pairing. It's also the first Nokia device to run Maemo 5, Nokia's homegrown Linux distro."
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Very nice, but already obsolete?
by unavowed on Sat 29th Aug 2009 20:11 UTC
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The N900 seems an extremely nice phone, most of the operating system is free software and you get a lot of control with root access. It runs the same software as free software desktop operating systems, making it nice to use and develop for.

But, nokia said that it will be abandoning a large chunk of the code, going from Gtk to Qt in Maemo 6. Means that devs won't be writing any programs for the current version and it will essentially become a dead platform.

Will there be any compatibility between this and the next version? Will nokia provide updates for the n900 to the next Qt-based versions? If not, I don't know if this one is worth buying.

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