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OSNews, Generic OSes "Newmium is currently developing iXRIOS, a high-speed, multi-processor, multi-operative, real-time operating system based on the workstation-server model. Users log on to a specific machine on which their operatives execute by default. They can request remote execution of their operatives via automatic and transparent load balancing of operatives and processors. Coupled with transparent load balancing, the iXRIOS system is loading only required services and drivers. iXRIOS is going to be restricted to commercial USA corporations. All government and non-profits are excluded from the program."
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Reminded me of Penny Arcade
by Mark Williamson on Sat 29th Aug 2009 22:15 UTC
Mark Williamson
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The press release somehow reminded me of this comic (FWIW, swearing and drugs references, which may offend some - nevertheless it's pretty funny IMO)
The comic is a reference to the legendary Phantom games console, which proved to be exactly that: a phantom.

The thing that tickled my memory of this particular comic was the press release hurling about jargon like Jackson Pollack in a paint factory.

The technology they seem to be describing actually sounds pretty cool, except that they don't tell us much about it. Process migration across machines (which it sounds like they're claiming as a feature) is cool stuff and is Hard to make work properly.

Pertinent questions for them to answer might be:

* Is this based on an existing OS, or is it new from the ground up?
* Will it support any existing apps or is it a new platform?
* What's it going to be used for? Specialist scientific, enterprise or database apps? General usage? I find the idea that they've written a general purpose OS somewhat unlikely but I can *just about* imagine there being a specialist niche for them if they target it right.
* When will they tell us more!?

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